Why join Alpha-X ?

An opportunity for professional fulfillment that unites our common passion for technology and engineering, making us catalysts for the changes we aspire to.
Our HR policy, known as the “liberated company,” embodies our commitment to an environment where each individual can thrive and contribute fully.

Innovation at the core of action

Encouragement for taking initiative.

Liberated company culture

Autonomy, responsibility, and participation in decision-making.

Inclusive and fair environment

Diversity is considered a source of enrichment.

Professional growth

Both collective and, most importantly, individual growth respecting each person’s ambitions.

Social and environmental responsibility

Being part of a company committed to social and environmental responsibility.

Work-Life balance

Flexible and individualized schedules, along with remote work options.

Recognition and rewards

Each individual and collective success is acknowledged and celebrated.

Joining Alpha-X is seizing a unique opportunity to grow within a company that values innovation, creativity, and employee well-being. If you aspire to be at the heart of a collaborative enterprise shaping the future while fostering your personal development, Alpha-X is the place for you.

Current job opportunities

If you are seeking to join a company that combines innovation, social responsibility, and professional fulfillment, Alpha-X is waiting for you.

Submit an open application

If there is no job opening that matches your profile, feel free to send us your application; all profiles are of interest to us.